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Spring Mountain Motorsports was one of the most difficult websites I have created in a while. Fancy slides, popups, scrollers and galleries are cool, but can create an updating nightmare for the average Joe. My task was to find a balance between features and administrative simplicity. One tool that helped keep all content edits under a single administration section was my best friend K2 (always coming to my rescue). Another vital part of the equation was one of many secret mini weapons created by nonumber.nl.

All content, images, videos, tabs and slides are managed through the K2 interface. Each tab environment is simply a K2 content module displaying categorized items through a custom K2 module template. The tab titles, buttons and links are extra fields, while the image is the default item image.

I did not want the customer to have to fiddle with multiple K2 content modules, module positions, categories etc., so I created a single content module. Through the power of the awesome Modules Anywhere plugin, I was able to set parameters using the following syntax:

{module contenttabs|category=18}

The category variable sets the category for the tabs and is controlled through a K2 extra field. The site admin never has a reason to edit a module.

I could go on forever about the features of the site, but here are a few notable features:

  1. The homepage slideshow uses K2 items along with Allvideos. The latest JW player with HTML 5 was installed for iPhone/iPad compatibility utilizing the mp4 video format. I also added some javascript to the player to stop the slideshow while the video is playing.
  2. The vertical tabs at the top of this page are individual K2 items just like the horizontal tabs.
  3. The inner tab slideshows are populated by uploaded k2 attachment images.
  4. The store is powered by Tienda Ecommerce (by dioscouri).
  5. The media gallery is powered by K2
  6. The radical sales section is also powered by K2

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