Sunscape Eyewear built with Joomla, K2, and Magento

We developed the previous website and online store using Joomla! and a custom shopping cart system. Using Joomla! for all 3 of their new websites was a no-brainer, but they needed a more powerful solution for their online store. Magento won the argument for the best system to use after reviewing their list of requirements (multisite for wholesale and retail, order processing etc.). The product listings for all 3 websites uses K2 and the built in tagging system.

The 3 Joomla! sites are:,,

The online store is:

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Tarik Assagai
Tarik (@tarik916) is a web developer and owner of ACS Digital Media, a Sacramento based web development agency specializing in open source CMS systems. If you are looking for support for your current or upcoming projects, visit

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