The Best Joomla 1.5 Forms Component and Module

With over 40 form components and modules available in the Joomla Forms category of the Extension Directory, how do you know which one to choose? Should you get a free or commercial component? Are the reviews accurate? Will the developer continue to improve the component? If I pay, will the commercial developer help me if I run into an issue.

The last two above questions are very important. In the past, I have encountered vulnerability issues with form components that have been abandoned by the developer. This can be a real headache when the website in question has numerous forms created through this component. In my opinion, the best and most advanced component available is Forms for Joomla by Phil Taylor.

There is a long list of features available on their website, but I will highlight the ones that I have found most useful.

  • – HTML form conversion: This is the coolest features I have seen from a form component. You can copy the code of a pre-formatted HTML form into the custom template field, and with the click of a button, the component will automatically parse the form elements and add them to the database.
  • – Simple and painless form setup
  • – Display form in content
  • – Display form in module
  • – Limit forms or actions to user groups
  • – Save submissions to database and export as CSV files
  • – Insert custom CSS classes for form elements
  • – Custom layouts using smarty tags
  • – Multiple default validation rules
  • – Custom validation rules
  • – SPAM control
  • – Multiple recipients

Another good form component with a really simple form administration screen is RS Form! Pro

It does not have the automatic HTML form converter, but there are a fair number of useful features including custom layouts, multi-page forms and custom javascript and PHP code execution. Checkout RS Form Pro

An Alternative Simple Form Solution

All of the above features are great and have made numerous projects less time consuming, but sometimes, all you need is a quick and simple contact form. To avoid the bulk of a component and just “get the job done,” I have found the Rapid Contact module to be very useful and easily customizable if you are familiar with PHP.

Whichever form component you decide to use, do your research and make sure to read all reviews. Also, verify that the developer has a stable Joomla reputation and history.

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Tarik Assagai
Tarik (@tarik916) is a web developer and owner of ACS Digital Media, a Sacramento based web development agency specializing in open source CMS systems. If you are looking for support for your current or upcoming projects, visit


  1. Val Fontanette /

    How can I display the form in a module not in a menu item?
    I am trying to do this and its not working. If I put {jform=X) it show the text only.
    Please help!


  2. tarik916 /

    In order to display in a module, you must first enable the module option under the addons menu of the forms component. Once you have done this, you can assign the module to a position just like any other module. If you need more help, you can go here:

    Phil provides top notch support.

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