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What are cleatskins? Basically, they soles that you pull over your sport cleats. They allow you to wear your cleats to the game and help prevent kids from breaking their neck while attempting to walk/run on concrete. Kids!

Cleatskins was in need of a new website to prepare for a new mass media launch. Their old website was a mixture of flash and HTML without a CMS backend, but their store was built in Drupal using Ubdercart. I decided to keep the administration of the site familiar for the customer, so I took on the challenge of creating a site in a CMS that I do not work with everyday (I now use both everyday).

Overall, this project was pretty fun. I love a good challenge!

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Tarik Assagai
Tarik (@tarik916) is a web developer and owner of ACS Digital Media, a Sacramento based web development agency specializing in open source CMS systems. If you are looking for support for your current or upcoming projects, visit

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